Can you ad fizz?

Ephraim Schroeder asked a question: Can you ad fizz?
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You can't kite ad fizz top! the most oppressive laner in the game?! - league of legends

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No. The W changes gave him an AP ratio. The reason old bruiser fizz was good is because his w used to do % missing hp damage.

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Can we bring back ad fizz with a twist?! - on hit fizz top | season 11 lol

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That helps you to activate the W passive and active more often, that's one very important thing on this build. + Greater Mark of Attack Damage - With these Fizz have a nice amount of AD bonus since the beggining of the match. That helps you to farm, trade and poke better, help a lot in the lane phase and early game.

Fizz gains brief invulnerability when you are still on your trident, which can be used to actually cancel some abilities or negate tower shots and auto attacks. The best example I can think of is a Twisted Fate Gold Card on his Pick A Card Ability.

Brining back an AD style fizz into the Top lane! Leave a like if you enjoy and subscribe for more content like this!Top Lane Rating - 7/10 | Build Rating...

It's also nice that with the damage you do, you can take out towers faster than the AP build. I'm in the process of trying out several play styles with Fizz and perhaps post up a Fizz build too, if I do use someone of your ideas I'll make sure to put a link back to your build ^_^ kudos +1


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AD Fizz is a scaling pick with really strong mid+late game, so early game is it's weakest point. But since AD Fizz doesn't play fair and he brings ignite to the toplane, he has the possibility of smashing lane with loads of solokills if you play well.

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