Can someone record me in public?

Abner Satterfield asked a question: Can someone record me in public?
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Recording another person without permission

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In California – it is a two-party law, meaning both individuals must consent to the recording otherwise it is illegal to record… When you record public officials or police, it is legal to record them if the recording is made within a public place.


Remember, even if you're in public, you cannot record conversations between two people unless you have their permission. This includes conversations that you're one of the parties to.

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California recording law you can record anyone in public

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Generally speaking, though, when you are in public, it is legal to record someone, video record or audio record, as long as they don’t have what is called, “an expectation of privacy,” or rather a...

Once again, the general rule for recording is: where there is public access in such traditional public forums as a sidewalk or a park you are permitted to record anything in plain sight (i.e. buildings, people) because in such places there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

It is legal to record someone in public, as long as they don’t have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”. The Wiretap Act protects communications that the individuals being recorded perceive as private. Whether one perceives a conversation as private largely depends on the context. Where was the conversation taking place?

You're in a public place, so to argue an expectation of privacy makes no sense. The fact that you're giving a statement to the police, does not create an expectation of privacy either. Even if your privacy rights were being violated that still does not give license to touching the camera. 0 found this answer helpful

Video Recording in Public Places. Whether you can lawfully make a recording without anyone’s consent often depends on whether the recording is made in a public or private place. As a general rule, no law in NSW prohibits making a video recording in a public place for a noncommercial purpose. Streets that are owned by the government are public places.

For example, if someone places a hidden camera in your bathroom or bedroom and without your knowledge, this is almost always illegal. However, if you are on a nude beach or in a public park and someone takes a video of you nude or doing sexual acts, it may not be illegal to share these images since you likely cannot expect to have privacy

The legality of recording by civilians refers to laws regarding the recording of other persons and property by civilians through the means of still photography, videography, and audio recording in various locations. Although it is common for the recording of public property, persons within the public domain, and of private property visible or audible from the public domain to be legal, laws have been passed restricting such activity in order to protect the privacy of others, often ...

It is not illegal to take photographs or video footage in public places unless it is for criminal or terrorist purposes. There will be places where you have access as a member of the public, but will have to ask permission or may be prevented altogether.

The rules vary between businesses and individuals. However, generally speaking, it's not a crime to record a conversation without telling someone. And although it could potentially be considered a...

It’s okay to record conversations that take place in person or over the phone. In most states, only one party needs to give consent for recording. Eleven states require two-party consent. In other words, everyone involved in a conversation must agree to be recorded.

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