Can i resell web hosting?

Audrey Heller asked a question: Can i resell web hosting?
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Even though the hosting plan may only cost $15/month, you can resell it for $40/month and pocket the extra change – how great is that? You know your clients need hosting services for their WordPress sites, so it's a super easy sell. And that's just the first perk of becoming a web hosting reseller.

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Especially once you start to resell hosting to a multitude of clients, you’re going to start seeing a large increase in profits. But on top of increasing your income, reselling hosting offers a bunch of added benefits for your team. When you decide to resell web hosting, you’ll want to partner with a hosting provider that you trust.

You can also create your own hosting plans to resell to clients, provide administrative rights to users, manage traffic, advertising and every aspect of web hosting. All while using someone else’s hardware and software.

Becoming a web hosting reseller can be a profitable way to earn residual income. Owning a hosting business allows you to set up, manage, and operate the back-end of websites, emails and domain management for your company and others as well. There are ...

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of how shared and reseller hosting differ, let’s take a 30,000-foot view at the best hosting providers for each configuration. You can quickly notice some major differences right off the bat, such as cost and prominent features.

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