Can i post unlimited ads on olx?

Vesta Berge asked a question: Can i post unlimited ads on olx?
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Video answer: How to post more than two advertisement without paying any…

How to post more than two advertisement without paying any…

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With the activation of the paid limits package, a user can post ads beyond the defined free limit in the stipulated category… Note: Please note that posting an Ad in an incorrect category will consume the limit of that category, even if it has been later changed to a more appropriate correct category.

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Olx post unlimited free ads..

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Basically, you cannot. The logic engine will collapse all your ads into 1 ad. Unless, you post about all different items for sale. If you post multiple ads of the same item, the system will clean it up, either by collapsing the ad or by deleting the ad.

If you have consumed all your free ads but still want to post more, you can purchase one of our Discounted Business Packages. Here are 3 quick steps to follow. Step 1: Got to our Business Seller for offers. Step 2: Select the package of your choice (view business packages here) Step 3: Pay through any Online available method

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Cars: In the below cities, the limit is 1 Ad in 180 days. Cars: There is no Free Limit for the below cities: Note: You can purchase limit (s) to post the desired number Ads. Refer to the link. Commercial & Other Vehicles : The limit is 1 in 365 days. Spare Parts: The limit is 1 in 365 days.

I'm struggling to post an ad. You might be having a problem posting an ad because your description has a phone number or email address, which is not allowed. (That's, of course, if the ad you're trying to post sticks to our Posting Rules .) Rather, add your contact number in the space provided when you create an ad. That way buyers no longer ...

Find the best Post Ad price! Post Ad for sale in India. OLX India offers online local classified ads in India.

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OLX is part of OLX Group, a network of leading marketplaces present in 30+ countries with 20+ brands. Join the millions who buy and sell from each other everyday in local communities around the world.

The moment you post your ad on Olx or Quikr, you will get a call from a prospective buyer, in many cases almost immediately. The moment you post an ad for say cycle, guitar, furniture etc that you want to sell on Quikr or Olx, you soon get a call from an ‘interested buyer’ on the mobile number shared in the ad.

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Video answer: Olx unlimited ads post

Olx unlimited ads post