Can i ad a hydraulic pump to make high flow?

Aliza Bauch asked a question: Can i ad a hydraulic pump to make high flow?
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The short answer to your question is YES. A hydraulic motor can absolutely be coupled to a pump in a useful way. You would effectively have made a hydraulic transformer. You are exchanging low flow @ high pressure for high flow @ low pressure, with some transmission loss.

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Pressure flow curve of variable-displacement hydraulic pump with ideal flow and pressure compensation… A load-sensing gear pump can: provide the high efficiency of load sensing without the high cost associated with piston or vane pumps, produce zero to full output flow in less than 40 milliseconds with little or no pressure spiking and without pump inlet supercharging, drive circuits with low (approaching atmospheric) unload relief pressures, provide priority flow and secondary flow with ...

Need Of a Pump  Used to pump a liquid from lower pressure area to a High pressure area.  To increase Flow rate.  To move liquid from lower elevation to higher elevation. 4. Different types of pump Pumps Hydrostatic or positive displacement pump Hydro Dynamic Rotary Reciprocating Centrifugal Axial 5.

Either of two basic methods are used for controlling the speed of a hydraulic motor. First, a variable-displacement pump controls flow to the motor. This configuartion is commonly known as a hydrostatic transmission. Second, a proportional or servovalve powered by a constant-pressure source, such as a pressure compensated pump, drives the motor.

“With a larger pump and more flow, the machine will need an advanced cooling package, such as a larger hydraulic cooler or radiator,” says Zupancic. “It is critical that you keep your cooling...

The hydraulic group(NNN) NNN-NNNNis a standard group. Your machine is not standard. You have an auxiliary attachment (218-6320) that has some of the lines mounted on the left arm. This is likely why they told you it was high flow. You have the joysticks that may be the same as the high flow but, I don't know that for certain.

You can see what’s happening here in real time: the pump is robbing some of the kinetic energy from the flow and imparting it to a smaller volume of water. It’s a redistribution of energy, converting low head and high flow into high head and low flow. And this type of pump can really create a lot of head.

The possibility of using a hydraulic ram pump (HRP) as a means of utilizing its energy to produce high head for pump has been investigated. To make such a system economically competitive, it is necessary to improve the performance of HRPs.

Parker Autoclave's AFL Series is a double-acting, single ended high flow liquid pump. This compact liquid pump delivers high pressure hydraulic power in an easy to install package. The primary use is for water, oil or a water/oil mixture. 12 Parts Viewing 10 of 12 Show More . Close. Gold Cup Cam and Cradle. GOLD CUP® Cam and Cradle offers OEM aftermarket cam and cradle assembly that ensures quality and performance in the robust series of GOLD CUP hydrostatic piston pumps. Configure. Viewing ...

Storing hydraulic fluid under pressure is a way of storing energy for later use. Perhaps the most common application for an accumulator is supplementing the pump flow in a hydraulic system in which a high flow rate is required for a brief period of time. Types of Accumulators ; 1.

Add an auxiliary pump and use it to power the remotes. This route is more expensive but it has the advanatages of not interfering with the 3pt operation and potentially higher flow rates at the remotes. You can also use the auxiliary pump to add live hydraulic operation to the 3pt.

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