Can google maps show traffic at different times?

Hermina Hickle asked a question: Can google maps show traffic at different times?
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Google Maps can show you traffic at different times along your travel route of choice based on aggregate location data and historical traffic patterns. Consequently, you can plan your trip based on when traffic is the lightest.

Check traffic now & later

At the bottom, tap Directions. At the bottom, tap the white bar to display: The current traffic on your route. Typical traffic by the hour and any slowdowns on the way.

How do I see traffic at different times on Google Maps? Select "Traffic": You can then select "Typical Traffic" and change the date/time of the traffic you are looking at: Check out the map and try some differentroutes - avoid the red bits! Head to old Google Maps and select your start and finish points as usual.

As intuitive as Google Maps is for finding the best routes, it never let you choose departure and arrival times in the mobile app. This feature has long been available on the desktop site, allowing you to see what traffic should be like at a certain time and how long your drive would take at a point in the future.

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