Can an a&p sign off an ad?

Henry Swaniawski asked a question: Can an a&p sign off an ad?
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an A&P can sign off the 100 hour inspection.....but that doesn't negate the Annual Inspection (IA does this). An annual still needs to be signed every year.

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This particular AD is an inspection and requires an A&P or rated repair station to complete the AD. If in the AD it said a pilot or owner can inspect the fuel selector, then it would be okay for the pilot to but since it does not and an inspection is not preventative maintenance, then you need to have someone rated to sign off the AD.

The closing statements of the AD should not be overlooked. They will let you know if the aircraft can be moved by means of a special flight permit (ferry permit) in order to comply with the AD ...

Hi folks. Can an A&P sign off a D check (3000 hr/ 5 year) on a Bell 412? Is an IA required for the D check and subsequent export C of A? The aircraft in question was in a container for over a year, duly preserved, and has never flown under an N registration.

CAMP Inspections Can an A&P carry out and sign off scheduled maintenance inspections, typically phase inspections on an aircraft maintained under a CAMP program operating … Annual Inspection A single engine aircraft owner has asked me to perform and sign off an annual inspection.

In fact, it would be totally inappropriate for you to sign for an AD you did not comply with on an AD Listing. It is not work you performed, and signing it could be construed that you actually returned it to service after work was performed.

An A&P mechanic should never sign off something they didn’t perform or supervise. However, an A&P mechanic could verify that the updated database was installed and sign a statement to that effect on a maintenance document. If my answer raises other questions, please feel free to use the comment link to add those questions to this page.

Can an A&P sign off an ad? an A&P can sign off the 100 hour inspection..but that doesn’t negate the Annual Inspection (IA does this). An annual still needs to be signed every year. Can an IA sign off his own work? They can be built and maintained by anyone. Annual has to be signed off by an AP or IA. How many questions are on the FAA IA test?

Yes, any "competent" person can perform the work, however it has to be signed off by a certificated A&P in the log book so it would behoove the A&P signing off to verify the work, ultimately their certificate is the one on the line. $\endgroup$ – Ron Beyer Dec 6 '16 at 14:40

If you are just looking to see when they log into a computer and which ones, go to your domain controller and go to the Event Viewer. Look under the Windows Logs and search for their login ID. It will say "The computer attempted to validate their credentials for an account." Logon Account:

To make it airworthy, you have to be legally entitled to sign a return to service. An A&P can install radios and instruments and sign the return to service. Whether a particular A&P will do any particular job depends on whether he feels he is competent to do it, has the proper tools and required tech data.

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