Can a reseller resell a vps hosting package?

Ressie Nicolas asked a question: Can a reseller resell a vps hosting package?
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  • A lot of our Resellers want to have the ability to resell our VPS Hosting packages. Given our low prices, many Resellers find comfort in being able to offer the same high-speed infrastructure to their larger customers that require more dedicated resources.

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Reseller hosting involves leasing hard drive space and bandwidth among other features from a hosting provider. The reseller then uses this rented space to resell hosting packages to third parties. Resellers allow their clients to purchase web hosting as if they themselves were a hosting company.

As a hosting reseller, you’ll purchase a hosting package from an established provider. You’ll pay a fixed fee for this server space, then resell these services to your own clients for a profit. There are many reasons why reseller hosting is popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a popular choice among resellers. These are cost-effective solutions and you can even get a fully managed VPS that you can use to resell web hosting. The biggest advantage here is that you have greater and granular control over your hardware.

Reseller hosting also referred to as White Label Hosting is wholesale web hosting plans designed for a business to resell. Consider a lot like a franchise but without having to use the umbrella business’ branding. A reseller

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