Can a cpa administer a trust?

Granville Kautzer asked a question: Can a cpa administer a trust?
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In many cases the trustee selected by the creator of the trust is not capable of handling the responsibilities that are involved in administering a trust. The trustee should always engage a qualified CPA to assist in administering the trust.

  • In many cases the trustee selected by the creator of the trust is not capable of handling the responsibilities that are involved in administering a trust. The trustee should always engage a qualified CPA to assist in administering the trust.


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Working with a CPA will reduce the likelihood of this occurring. There may be discounts, credits, or deductions that can be applied to save the trust or estate a significant amount of money. These reductions may be unfamiliar to someone who is not familiar with complicated trust and estate tax laws and may result in missed opportunities.

In short, the CPA acting as trustee may have coverage under the policy for a tax or accounting error, but not for a poor investment decision. If the CPA works for a larger firm, the firm may even prohibit the CPA from taking on the added liability of acting as trustee for a client.

Good Faith and Best Judgment CPAs who serve as trustees should adopt a simple governance process that demonstrates that they (1) know their duties of care and (2) have records that they have taken affirmative steps to fulfill these duties.

If a business needs to be valued for purposes of inclusion in the trust, the CPA’s firm might not be considered independent for a conclusion of value. In addition, prior transactions of a business or of the trustee/executor might need to be reviewed for irregularities, or a claim of such by one of the beneficiaries could require an investigation.

CPAs are uniquely qualified to serve as trust protectors, an engagement that offers an attractive alternative to the nearly full-time job of trustee. Performing the service in conjunction with a corporate trustee will let you serve your client’s best interests and solidify the relationship.

A trust that is effective during life is called an inter vivos trust while a trust that is effective only afterlife is a testamentary trust. An individual or a corporation can be a trustee. Not only must the trustee work in the best interests of the beneficiaries, but the trustee must also conform to tax and legal requirements.

The short answer is: most likely not. The main reason is not that Trust Administration is difficult or complex, but because a Trustee (who most likely is a first time Trustee for an estate) does not know the precise steps that need to be taken and what requirements and duties there is to be a Trustee.

When it comes to the operation of a Lawyer’s trust fund, or Interest Only Lawyer’s Trust Account (“IOLTA”), an attorney needs to know and follow various rules and regulations pertaining to said type of account. As the rules and regulations vary depending on the attorney’s jurisdiction, the following is intended to provide a general outline of common mistakes and solutions to properly ...

A professional trustee can assume all responsibilities for administering the trust or can provide only specific services you require, such as serving as co-trustee with the person named as successor trustee in the trust document. The scope of services is something you will need to agree upon with the professional fiduciary. 2.

Welcome to the guide on how to administer a trust. Whether you are looking for a checklist of trustee duties, information on personal liability, the basics of estate administration, helpful forms for trustees or links to trust law sources, our free Trust Administration Guide is a great way to get started, especially if this is your first time serving as trustee.

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  • However, many CPAs are reluctant to take on the fiduciary responsibility of being a trustee for several reasons: They lack adequate infrastructure and staff for trust administration; they are inexperienced in trustee work, especially for real estate and other nonliquid assets; and they are uncertain about how to bill appropriately.
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  • Often a client will ask his accountant to serve as a trustee. This kind of request indicates great trust in the accountant’s judgement; however, it carries with it serious responsibilities. Some of the following issues are specific to CPAs, but many also apply to anyone serving as a trustee.
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