Backup email from server hosting?

Drew Satterfield asked a question: Backup email from server hosting?
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  • Go to Mail -> Add Account. Choose the Other Mail Account option. Click Continue. Enter your email server details and press Sign In. Right-click the email folder you want to backup and choose Export Mailbox. Select your destination folder and press the Choose button.

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Backing up your email accounts in cPanel and messages is useful if you wish to archive your old messages, or simply restore emails and the rest of your content to an entirely different server. While this is usually done by creating a full cPanel backup file using its built-in Backup Wizard feature, in some cases, you don’t need to back up all the data in its entirety.

Backup Emails Log into Webmail using Horde. Warning:If you log into Roundcube, you’ll need to click your email address in the upper corner, then Horde. Right-click Inboxand click Exportemails in Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and their subfolders.

/ Hosting Management / cPanel / How to backup and restore emails in cPanel manually cPanel account migration is a common issue now a days. Migration from server to server is very easy and most of us are used to do it as it is automatic.

If you are using a web-based mail client, consider configuring Outlook Express to download a copy of the messages, so that you have a hard-copy backup in your possession rather than relying on the old hosting provider. Make sure that you also backup the contacts, calendar, notes, etc.

Data can be backed up and duplicated from one Webmail Server to another using this Webmail email backup software. This makes it easier to move your email accounts and e-mails from one server to another as required. The Webmail backup wizard also keeps the folder hierarchy and data originality in accordance with the original.

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