Ark hosting a non dedicated server?

Leann Lubowitz asked a question: Ark hosting a non dedicated server?
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  • To create a Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Session, from the title screen you select “Host Local” which will then take you to a screen titled “Host Ark Settings”. From here you can select different types of settings to speed up or slow down progression of your game. Can I play while I host a Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Session?

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Non-Dedicated Server Passwords I host a non dedicated server with a few friends, and have had many instances where random people would join without permission and basically troll in game. Are there any Server Passwords I can set up to prevent random joins?

Yes, in order to host a Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Sessions for you and your friends to play on, one person will have to purchase the Game Preview for Ark: Survival Evolved so that they can invite their friends, who have ARK: Survival Evolved installed on their Xbox, to join in adventuring their ARK.

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