Are you allowed to use bc and ad?

Soledad Bruen asked a question: Are you allowed to use bc and ad?
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Ad and bc explained


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Bc-ad vs bce-ce: which one should you use?

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Words should be honest. We should use BC/AD until we stop using the BC/AD reference points. My completely unsolicited, irrelevant opinion. Hope you found it interesting, or enjoyed skipping it!)

BC and AD imply the validity or truth of Christian theology—specifically, that Jesus is a god. BC and AD force non-Christians to imply or acknowledge the supremacy of Christianity. AD is awkward to use with centuries as opposed to specific dates—"12th century CE" while "12th century AD" means " the 12th century in the year of our Lord," which makes little sense.

They advise writing BC, AD, BCE, and CE in small caps with no periods/points. BC, BCE, and CE follow the date and AD precedes it, as advised above. As for italics, they say, “Small capitals are used for specifying eras.

"Many authors use BC and AD because they are familiar and conventionally understood. Those who want to avoid reference to Christianity are free to do so." In terms of secular journalism, the 2019 version of the Associated Press Stylebook uses B.C. and A.D. (using the periods); as does the fourth edition of the UPI Style Guide, published in 2004.

Using BCE and CE. To cater to religious diversity, the abbreviations BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) can be used to replace BC and AD. BCE and CE are written after the year. For example: 2017 CE is the same as AD 2017. 487 BCE is the same as 487 BC. Here is the earlier example again written in both conventions:

BC is an abbreviation of the English phrase before Christ, while AD is an abbreviation of a Latin phrase anno Domini. It's very strange that going across the arbitrary division line between two years also requires a change in the language of abbreviation.

Proper Use of BC and AD Abbreviations. You may see variations of the abbreviations BC and AD used in a variety of settings. In general, these abbreviations are written without periods, so not B.C. and A.D. When writing a BC date, you put the BC after the year. When writing an AD date, you put the AD before the year.

S chools across England are swapping BC and AD with BCE and CE over fears the terms could offend Christians, it has been claimed. A number of authorities have already adopted the policy, while...

Devices allowed for use by industry or by licensed amateur radio operators Mobile data terminals These devices are used only to communicate with a dispatcher or control centre and where pre-packaged data are transmitted, point in time, over a set radio frequency.

The use is discontinuesd for a period of six months (subject to normal seasonal and agricultural practices) More than 75% of the value of the building or structure above its foundation is damaged or destroyed; In most cases, a legal non-conforming use cannot be expanded however it can be maintained under certain circumstances.

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Advertising is allowed on the Show and Tell forum, but is mostly disallowed everywhere else… Advertising with studio invites is frowned upon.

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This does not mean that advertising other Discord servers in DMs is against ToS because you consider them spam. That would be absurd. This simply means that unsolicited marketing messages are forbidden, and fall under the term "spam" according to Discord's ToS.

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I am a students and I believe that advertising should be allowed, but from what I have read schools have been advertising the wrong things. Schools are advertising things like fast food places and the different types of sodas. I believe schools should be advertising the correct things like gyms, diet company’s, free health care , and more.

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The origin and history of the bce / ce dating system (as well…