Are there any ptc sites that do not have ads?

Marjory Goodwin asked a question: Are there any ptc sites that do not have ads?
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How to make money from paid to click sites without…

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  • PTCShare is an hybrid site that combines pay to click earnings with a revenue share program. When you join the site, you will not get many ads but if you stay active the number of ads that you get increases. Also the value of the available ads increases so that you can get a good profit without having to click tons of ads.

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Best ptc sites 5 ways to make money online clicking ads easy…

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PTC sites are nothing but paid to click sites where they can earn money after joining and seeing ads. If you work 5-10 minutes per day on every website, you can earn $ 200 per month from these 5 websites. These PTC site Joining is absolutely free

There are tons and tons of PTC sites online. But only a few stays online for a longer period of time. Here are 5 of the best PTC sites online. 1.Clixsense (Now Ysense) Clixsense is one of the best PTC sites that has been paying you for years. Recently, clixsense shifted away from the PTC model, but still, you can find a lot of their offer panels offering paid to click sites.

Be advised that there are no country-based PTC sites such as Indian PTC sites, US PTC sites. All the paid to click sites pay in United States Dollar or Cryptocurrency. 2. Do PTC sites pay $10 per click? No never! Genuine PTC sites pay not more than a few cents. Any PTC site that claims to pay $0.25, $0.50, $1 per click, or $10 per click is a scam.

ClixSense has been online since Feb 2007 under the ownership of Jim Grago. Now the Clixsense was changed to a new name as “YSense”. It started out as a PTC site but recently removed paid to click ads to continue the business model only with surveys, offers, CrowdFlower tasks, and affiliate system.

Gptpanet launched in 201 is a PTC website where a free member can earn up to $0.001 – $0.0002 for viewing the advertisements. It has almost six to seven upgrade plans, and as an upgraded person, you can earn quite a lot of money. is a FREE Rewards site. It is one of best PTC site paying their users for a long time. Its huge members, unique earning method and trustworthiness has made in on #3 in the list of 25+ top & best PTC sites. They have partnered with many market research companies.

As a matter of fact, there are some ptc sites with unlimited ads also exists. You can join any PTC site for free you can make money legally. It will be better if you join premium membership because of the additional benefits of instant payments and more surveys. However, in the case of using PTC sites, you may not face any legal consequences.

Joining any site is absolutely free. There are some tips if you follow & do it properly then you can earn more than $200 a month from these sites by working 30 minutes to 1 hour on these sites. So don’t forget to read about these tips at the end of this article. Top 4 Sites in 2018. We have done a complete research & have received number of ...

You may find dozens of websites that pay for clicking and reading ads but I will not recommend any of that. There are just 2 websites I want to recommend. After working on more than 15 years on hundreds of sites, I can say that you can make better income from the sites, I recommend below. Joining is absolutely free on these 2 sites. There is no premium account at all. All the sites that ask for premium account are useless. ySense

All you have to do is open ads, completely provided tasks, and earn easy bucks. But the main problem is there are many fake and fraud PTC sites on the internet. Hence, to help you earn money from PTC sites, we have carefully selected the Best PTC sites that pay and offer reasonable rates. You can trust these and make extra money rather quickly.

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