Are there any free web hosting control panels?

Armani Casper asked a question: Are there any free web hosting control panels?
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  • Although one of the great free Windows Hosting control panels is websitepanel , we do not recommend using it because it is not get updat after Project dead. It should be noted that the three control panels websitepanel , SolidCP and MSPControl all branch off from the DotNetPanel , which was later renamed the websitepanel.
  • There are total 5 Free Windows Web Hosting Control Panels are available in the market are: SolidCP, Website Panel , Web Controller, MSPControl and ZPanel which also works with Windows. Well, there you have it- our list of the Top 10 open source Control Panels.

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Centex Hosting has brought you the options available for free! Free Web Hosting Control Panel List 1. Cyber Panel . A latest web hosting control panel, which makes the use of latest web server, known as OpenLiteSpeed. In terms of speed, OpenLiteSpeed is extremely faster than Apache. Most common control panel uses apache by default, however what differentiates Cyber Panel is the use of OpenLiteSpeed. Along with perfect caching, it is good for WordPress. The control panel also has numerous ...

You control or build the hosting environment required by any web project web panels. Even a novice can manage and set up his own website using the web control panel in just a few clicks. Although setting up a website is a cumbersome task special when you have to do it with a command-line interface, however, some developers like it; while others prefer the Graphical user interface of the Web hosting panels.

BlueOnys is the open-source simple designed hosting control panel. It provides a fully integrated web hosting platform that includes web-based services, email, domain registration, DNS, and file transfer services. BlueOnys is free to download and use.

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