Are reg cpa questions harder than actual?

Koby Krajcik asked a question: Are reg cpa questions harder than actual?
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The regular Becker questions are harder in general. CPA exams are graded on a percentile basis rather than raw score.

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Some CPA review questions are much longer and more involved than would be practical for a timed multiple choice exam. They do this because the questions are out there to teach the content. You're not likely to see a really long comprehensive problem on your exam since those are more like training wheels and teaching tools that CPA review courses use.

For FAR—I definitely felt like the questions on the actual exam were easier(on my first and 3rd testlet). It was also my first exam and I was getting destroyed by difficult Becker questions.

Same experience. I got a 65-68 on Wiley practices and got an 82 on REG. 1. level 1. DrDrCr. CPA (US) 3 years ago. My other half got mid-60% scores on the Wiley Practice Exam and ended up getting 64% on the real AUD. There's a post here about Becker being harder than the actual . 2.

The score is often misinterpreted in several ways. Hence, at the very outset you should know that: ⇨ It is not a raw score – your CPA exam score is not just the number of questions that you got right. Therefore, if there were, say, 50 questions, and you answered 28 correctly, your raw score would be 28. In actual practice, the number of correct answers that you provide only forms the basis ...

My first set of FAR mcq were easier than Ninja. Less wordy and faster to complete. My second set was harder and on par with the difficulty of Ninja. My average mcq score with Ninja after 1500 questions was 67%, whereas my test score was 77%. Hope that helps.

2 years ago. One of the reasons that I encountered on June 2 about why the real test may be easier than the mock-ups: repeated questions. I had at least three different MCQs asking for identical information in audit where the question was worded very similarly (regarding opinions for reports).

As far as I can, the publisher adapted questions are harder because the question is bad. Most of the time the questions are unclear about what they are trying to ask. I believe those types of questions are there to make you think and memorize the CPA stuff. But that's my experience with the publisher adapted.

The regular Becker questions are harder in general. CPA exams are graded on a percentile basis rather than raw score. Beside above, what is the Becker CPA pass rate? Becker's website claims that it's students pass with double the success rate of non-Becker students, while CPAexcel names a student pass rate of 87%. Just so, are Becker mock exams harder? Mock exams (Becker) do seem slightly harder. Is Becker CPA Review worth it?

The REG section of the CPA exam is challenging because this test covers business law, federal taxation, and rules of professional conduct for CPAs. There are some general concepts, however, that can help you simplify much of the test detail. Use these tips to study for the REG test’s multiple-choice questions and pass the CPA exam! IN A NUTSHELL:

Sort by. level 1. BillGob. 2 years ago. I use gleim as well, and after taking AUD (passed with 89) and REG (awaiting results), I've found that Gleims MCQ's are a lot harder than the actual exams MCQ's. I'd say 70-75% on Gleim is likely a passing score on the actual exam. 3. level 2. SteveHolt12.

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