Are personalised ads bad?

Bertha Bins asked a question: Are personalised ads bad?
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From face scanning to targeted ads, minority report's…

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A massive majority of consumers believe that using their data to personalize ads is unethical. And a further 59% believe that personalization to create tailored newsfeeds -- precisely what Facebook, Twitter, and other social applications do every day -- is unethical. At least, that's what they say on surveys.

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Some industry experts, including the "Ad Contrarian," believe that personalized ads are actually not more effective. It may well be that today's digital giants will have to return to some level of...

27 Apr Personalized Ads – Good or Bad? A blogger on recently conducted an unscientific study regarding online privacy by lowering his security settings and signing up for location-based services, such as Foursquare.

Why exactly are personalised ads bad? So this is basically for me to create another counter point when it comes to introducing more people to privacy online (lol). Either ways, I understand that all the big tech companies track you and use your personal data to serve you personalised ads. Which is pretty much their main income source.

Personalised ads and media kills the sense that the media is confirming your worldview. We all know it's a tiny isolated bubble of information and rarely do recommended feeds or ads suggest something I want. Personalised ads attune themselves to my past and I don't need to solve the same problem repeatedly.

Some 73% said it's bad because it's an invasion of privacy. What's more, 68% said they're not OK with targeted online ads because they don't like their behavior tracked and analyzed, a finding ...

Online advertising has hit something of a wall in recent years. People are fed up with pay-and-spray tactics, and ad-blockers are on the rise. And while the concept of ‘personalised ...

In order to get personalised ads, the company in question needs a lot of data about me and they often collect far more data than they really need. Try downloading a simple alarm clock app for example and notice it wants access to your contacts, location and probably penis girth, the way things are going.

For consumers, the advantages of personalized advertising are invaluable. Adlucent's research asked consumers to name the greatest benefits to personalization, which consumers listed as helping reduce irrelevant ads (46%), a way to discover new products (25%) and making online shopping easier (19%).

Personalized ads, also called targeted ads, on Microsoft websites are chosen based upon who you are, making them more relevant to what interests you. We’re able to make these personalized ads possible by using technology called “cookies,” which are small text files used by websites to help remember your interests and preferences.

It’s true, the ads you came across while browsing might be for things you’re less inclined to buy. But a ban on targeted advertising wouldn’t mean the end of personalization. Spotify could ...

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