Are expanded text ads gone?

Maximus Kihn asked a question: Are expanded text ads gone?
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Responsive Search Ads have replaced Expanded Text Ads as the default campaign type in Google Ads. You can still create Expanded Text Ads by clicking into the RSA creation window and then selecting “Switch back to text ads.”


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👉 What is expanded text ad?

What Are Expanded Text Ads? Expanded Text Ads are 2x bigger than current text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description.

👉 Are expanded text ads still available?

Expanded text ads are still supported, and advertisers can still create them. The difference is the platform won't default to expanded text ads when an advertiser goes to create a new ad.

👉 What are google expanded text ads?

Expanded text ads are a type of search ad, available through Google Ads. They appear in search results on Google, unlike display ads which show on sites within Google's advertising network. With an expanded text ad, you can create three headlines, two descriptions, and a display URL.

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How many characters are in google's expanded text ads?
  • Google’s Expanded Text Ads – Understanding Headline 3 and Headline 2 Previous ETA Character Limit New ETA Character Limit Headline 1 30 characters 30 characters Headline 2 30 characters 30 characters Headline 3 – NA- 30 characters Description 1 80 characters 90 characters 1 more rows ...
What do expanded text ads do in google adwords?
  • The Expanded Text Ads gave a boost to the clickable real-estate of the ad, and a longer description for more detail. If you haven’t updated your older ads, you’re missing an opportunity to increase your position and Click Through Rate. Here’s a little more information:
What is an expanded text ad in google ads?

Expanded text ads are a type of search ad, available through Google Ads. They appear in search results on Google, unlike display ads which show on sites within Google's advertising network. With an expanded text ad, you can create three headlines, two descriptions, and a display URL.

Do you have to include headline 2 in expanded text ads?
  • If your expanded text ads show on the Google Display Network, “Headline 2” may not show in some ad formats. If you have text that should appear in every ad (such as a legal disclaimer), then you must include that information in either headline 1, headline 2, or description 1 fields.
How do i update my google ads to expanded text ads?
  • Instructions Sign in to your Google Ads account. In the page menu on the left, click Ads & extensions. Hover over the text ad you want to edit and click the pencil icon. Your existing ad's text is used to populate fields in the new format, so you already have a head start in creating the newly expanded ad.
How many headlines can you create within an expanded text ad?

With an expanded text ad, you can create three headlines, two descriptions, and a display URL.

What is the difference between expanded text ads and responsive search ads?

Google's Responsive Search Ads can show up to three 30-character headlines, a display URL with two 15-character path fields, and up to two 90-character description fields. Compared to Expanded Text Ads, that's an extra headline, an extra description, and 10 more characters to play with in each description text.

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Expended Landing Page: “Expanded landing page" is the URL that people who clicked on your ads are directed to after custom parameter and contextual substitutions (such as a keyword) are made. Expanded landing page URLs let you know how people are getting to the pages on your website.

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Why is it important to write an effective text ad? It's a well-known fact: ... In business, your ad copy helps to create the first impression of your brand in the eyes of consumers. Not to mention that a compelling text ad helps you drive more clicks and ultimately results in more conversions.

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