Are baker act records public?

Queen Price asked a question: Are baker act records public?
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I want to expunge my baker act or marchman act from my record

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All court records under the Baker Act, except clinical records, are open for public inspection. Therefore, all petitions filed under the Baker Act and orders for involuntary inpatient placement are open for public inspection unless a court orders otherwise.

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Yes. There will be a medical record, a police record if law enforcement was involved and if a petition is filed for involuntary placement then also a court record. There is no procedure in the law to remove or seal the records of a Baker Act. For more information on the Baker Act click here.

Baker Act medical records are not public records, they are confidential, you would have to go to the facility where you were Baker Acted to get them. Police reports are not confidential, and may or may not be located and identified as involving a Baker Act during a background search.

A police record of an arrest/commitment versus a public record are not the same. Police have the right to keep internal records of arrest. Unless you were convicted of something following the Baker commitment, though, there may not be a public record (as generally convictions are what appear on public records).

Police records may contain references to a Baker Act admission. However, these are public records and may require special action in order to have them sealed, if they can be sealed at all. Depending on the depth of a background check, these records may appear should an employer, potential employer, or potential landlord run a background check.

If a Baker Act is filed/requested that is public record. I see them all the time here in Brevard County on our website. It will show the person who is being Baker acted, and who requested it, and then what was done with it. The actual papers are not visible, they are kept private, but the fact they are done is available.

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS LAW--Baker Act and Myers Act Dear Chief Liquori: This is in response to your request as Chief of Police for the City of Altamonte Springs for an opinion on substantially the following questions: 1. What records of a municipal police department are not public records pursuant to the Baker Act, Ch. 394, F.S.? 2.

The Baker Act defines the clinical record to mean all parts of the record required to be maintained and includes all medical records, progress notes, charts, and admission and discharge data, and all other information recorded by a facility which pertains to the

The Baker Act allows for a person to be picked up and transported to a crisis stabilization unit for an involuntary psychiatric examination. It is based on the behavioral criteria that the person may be harmful to himself or others. If the person meets this criteria, the judge signs the emergency admission order prepared by the Clerk's Office.

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS--BAKER ACT--LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS--MENTAL HEALTH--confidentiality of deputy's event report under Baker Act provisions. Part I, Ch. 394, F.S.

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