Are baker act records public?

Queen Price asked a question: Are baker act records public?
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I want to expunge my baker act or marchman act from my record

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All court records under the Baker Act, except clinical records, are open for public inspection. Therefore, all petitions filed under the Baker Act and orders for involuntary inpatient placement are open for public inspection unless a court orders otherwise.


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The Department of Children's Services (DCS) ensures that records and information maintained by DCS are confidential and only accessed or released according with State and Federal laws, DCS Rules, Regulations and Policies.

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That being said, due to the Freedom of Information Act, enacted in 1966, traffic citations are now considered public records. Anyone is capable of applying for such information through various online resources or through their local sheriff's department, where files upon files are stacked with this type of information.

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New York County Arrest Records are public records that contain an individual's criminal history record which are available in New York County, New York.

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Yes. There will be a medical record, a police record if law enforcement was involved and if a petition is filed for involuntary placement then also a court record. There is no procedure in the law to remove or seal the records of a Baker Act. For more information on the Baker Act click here.

Baker Act medical records are not public records, they are confidential, you would have to go to the facility where you were Baker Acted to get them. Police reports are not confidential, and may or may not be located and identified as involving a Baker Act during a background search.

A police record of an arrest/commitment versus a public record are not the same. Police have the right to keep internal records of arrest. Unless you were convicted of something following the Baker commitment, though, there may not be a public record (as generally convictions are what appear on public records).

Police records may contain references to a Baker Act admission. However, these are public records and may require special action in order to have them sealed, if they can be sealed at all. Depending on the depth of a background check, these records may appear should an employer, potential employer, or potential landlord run a background check.

If a Baker Act is filed/requested that is public record. I see them all the time here in Brevard County on our website. It will show the person who is being Baker acted, and who requested it, and then what was done with it. The actual papers are not visible, they are kept private, but the fact they are done is available.

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS LAW--Baker Act and Myers Act Dear Chief Liquori: This is in response to your request as Chief of Police for the City of Altamonte Springs for an opinion on substantially the following questions: 1. What records of a municipal police department are not public records pursuant to the Baker Act, Ch. 394, F.S.? 2.

The Baker Act defines the clinical record to mean all parts of the record required to be maintained and includes all medical records, progress notes, charts, and admission and discharge data, and all other information recorded by a facility which pertains to the

The Baker Act allows for a person to be picked up and transported to a crisis stabilization unit for an involuntary psychiatric examination. It is based on the behavioral criteria that the person may be harmful to himself or others. If the person meets this criteria, the judge signs the emergency admission order prepared by the Clerk's Office.

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS--BAKER ACT--LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS--MENTAL HEALTH--confidentiality of deputy's event report under Baker Act provisions. Part I, Ch. 394, F.S.

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  • All court records are available for public consumption unless a court has ordered them sealed or the court grants you an expunction. This includes your traffic court record.
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  • Go to the courthouse and county offices in person. The records office at your local courthouse and county office building can give you access to public records at no charge.
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Information about a CPI or CPS case or client is confidential and may not be released except as authorized by federal and state law, regulations and rules, court orders, or opinions of the attorney general.

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Can CPS access parents’ medical records? If it is relevant to an ongoing investigation, then yes, they can. They can get court orders that give them access to any records they need.

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Can I Have My CPS Case Expunged? Yes, expungement exists for unfounded CPS reports. Under Social Services Law Section 422(5) the subject of an unfounded report is allowed an opportunity to prove to the OFCS by clear and convincing evidence that the allegation of abuse or maltreatment is not true.

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As a general rule, a subpoena does not relieve a witness of any obligations to protect confidential information. In the case of child abuse/neglect, however, the obligation is for all practical purposes dissolved for most professionals, including doctors, health care professionals, and counselors/therapists.

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It is very difficult for CPS to subpoena the phone records of a private party. While the FBI has extensive reach into our phone records due to the Patriot Act, CPS is not accorded the same access. The judge would only permit if they felt it was relevant to the case, and I have never heard of CPS accessing this information via a subpoena.

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It is understandable that a CPA may accumulate client information during the course of providing services. While practitioners are expected to and should retain copies of this information for their own purposes and requirements, clients have the primary responsibility to maintain their own records.

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  • CPS can't get your medical records unless you consent in writing and sign a HIPAA form, or they subpoena the records and you don't file a timely objection, or unless you consent for the hospital to surrender the records. If you are up against CPS, which have the ability to totally ruin your life,...
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Yes you can! This is also something that comes up regularly, though it's not an option CPS offers to parents. They may only need one or two pieces of information from a child's medical records, but CPS will never ask a parent to provide only those documents.

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Can CPS access parents’ medical records? If it is relevant to an ongoing investigation, then yes, they can. They can get court orders that give them access to any records they need.

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In other states, however, you may have to wait until victims or alleged victims have reached adulthood to have your records expunged. Contact your state's Child Protective Services, sometimes called Office of Children and Family Services, or your family law attorney for exact instructions on how to request an expunction.

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