Are ad blockers ethical reddit?

Florine Anderson asked a question: Are ad blockers ethical reddit?
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Adblock is really easy to morally justify, since one person has pretty much 0 effect on what the advertisers - and by extension the websites - earn, but en masse it does have an effect.

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Advertising is not an even playing field. Advertisers are experts at manipulating you and your opinion. Often, people on the net, looking at ads do not know how they are being manipulated, since they are not experts in human psychology. But the individual should have the right to protect themselves from such unwanted manipulation by blocking ...

Block ALL ads on YouTube iOS in safari. This blocks unskippable via AdGuard on iPhone/iPad. Tested and working in June 2021. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Gotta love the telephone game, misleading headline and straight up lies. How in less than 2 days, we went from uBlock developer posting on a draft proposal for a new extension specification that the new API could be slightly limiting, all the way to "GOOGLE IS KILLING AD BLOCKERS".. Go ahead and spread all FUD and fake news you want, driving your bullshit narrative and shilling.

It is claimed that ad blocking has a measurable economic impact that can be quantified as “lost revenue”. The economic impact of ad blocking was estimated to be 40 billion US dollars worldwide in 2016. (Again, this estimate will have increased.) It might be objected that this is a spurious claim. One report on ad-blocking statistics states:

Ad Blocking is Immoral. After a terrible write up claiming that Ad Blocking is Moral made the front page of Reddit, I felt obliged to respond.. First, a brief response. For lack of a better word, (actually, this is pretty much the perfect word), the piece is drivel.

Content blockers are available for all the major browsers: just download a browser extension, and then install it in your browser. For Safari, you can download content blockers from the Mac App Store, then go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions to configure them. On iOS, you can download and install an ad blocker — you’ll find plenty on ...

Ethical dilemma solved. "Ad blockers are like skipping over commercials in broadcast television." Exactly so! While entirely 100% legal, skipping over commercials in recorded broadcast television ...

Adblock Plus, the most popular adblocking program on the market, has been downloaded 250 million times, and has around 60 million active users. "I guess everyone agrees that online ads are just ...

Well, ad blockers are popular online - I certainly know from the comments that plenty of you use plugins like Adblock plus. Indeed, a few weeks ago during a discussion here about the iPad, ...

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