7 days to die server hosting with mods?

Sonia Walker asked a question: 7 days to die server hosting with mods?
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  • In this article, we'll outline the steps needed to install mods to your 7 Days to Die server hosted by Host Havoc. Prior to the below steps, please make sure your service is stopped. 1. Create a "Mods" folder Open your File Manager and click on the "New Folder" icon. Name the folder Mods 2. Download the mods you'd like to use

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Tools required to create the 7 Days to Die server on Linux. LinuxGSM. SteamCMD. Optional tools. Catalysm Server Manager. Pre-made scripts used on this guide (3.1) Windows server - Create server using Steam Client. In this section, you will learn how to easily create an 7 Days To Die server using Steam client.

Change settings with the custom control panel to get gaming essentials. You can choose from 7 data centers to host your server – France, Germany, Singapore, and the US (Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Dallas). Deploy a 7 Days to Die server instantly and manage the server however you want.

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