1gb storage space web hosting?

Russell Jakubowski asked a question: 1gb storage space web hosting?
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  • An optimized, medium-sized image for the web can be about 100 kilobytes (KB). 1000 KB is roughly 1 megabytes (MB), while 1000 MB is roughly 1 gigabyte (GB). A hosting plan with 10 GB of storage space available is enough to store roughly 100,000 images (10 x 1000 x 1000 / 100). It’s also helpful to know the file types that take up the most space.

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1 GB Storage Space. Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth. 1 Domain Host. 1Core / 1GB Ram. LiteSpeed Web Server. Unlimited FTP Accounts. Unlimited Email Accounts. Free SSL Lifetime. 24/7 Support.

Storage 1GB Space; Bandwidth Unmetered; Email Accounts 5 x Mailboxes; Databases 10 x MariaDB

1GB Storage Space; 5GB Monthly Bandwidth; 10 Free Sub-Domains; 10 E-mail Accounts; 5 Databases; Control Panel & FTP; Host 1 Extra domain

Web Hosting - Premium 1 GB Package. This package has enough room to run a fairly large website or blog. It has ample storage space for web content and email storage. Best of all this package can be upgraded easily if your require more space. And most of all it is a bargin priced!

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