1 what is the role of databases in computer-based information systems?

Richard Zboncak asked a question: 1 what is the role of databases in computer-based information systems?
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za mara

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The role of databases in computer-based information systems is to offer a management platform. The database will have various controls to the information systems.

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Select Azure Active Directory > Roles and administrators > New custom role. On the Basics tab, provide a name and description for the role and then click Next . On the Permissions tab, select the permissions necessary to manage basic properties and credential properties of app registrations.

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this question is for better accounting system0si

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Why have databases become the preferred method of storing data used by an information system?

Why are databases the preferred method of storing data used by an information system

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Managing multiple networks of many computers Defining and Understanding Errors in Programs Networking Setting up Networks Maintaining Networks and preventing crashes on the server.

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